What is Five Q?

Five Q is a software and services company, designed to serve ministries and nonprofits. Founded in 2004 by Chad Williams, we have the privilege of helping ministries like Revive Our Hearts, Moody Center, The Bowery Mission, and Child Evangelism Fellowship and many others multiply their digital impact.

We are best known for our products, Journity Personalizaton Platform and the Ministry Impact Platform, and our services such as Digital Growth Strategies and Google Ads Grant management.

Person at a desk

What We Bring to the Table


We put people first, that means bringing a talented team that can get the job done. It also means we develop strong relationships with our clients and really get to know who you are and how we can help you the most.


We develop platforms that are designed to be both affordable and meet the technology needs of nonprofits. This ranges from developing completely new solutions like Journity to developing websites with the Ministry Impact Platform.


Everyone at Five Q is here because we believe that people really can change the world. Clients consistently tells us they are surprised at how well our team “fits” with theirs. That’s because we’re not just here to help you with your mission, we’re working with you on our shared mission.

Founded in Iowa, we now have employees
coast to coast.

Many people ask us why we've chosen to set up our headquarters in the Midwest town of Atlantic, Iowa. We love the atmosphere here. It's a great place to raise a family and we can't get enough of that small town vibe. We are also within a few hours drive of metro areas of Kansas City, Omaha, Des Moines and Minneapolis. Being able to put down roots here is one of the many benefits of having a primarily distributed company. It allows us to invest in the community we call home, while still being able to recruit the best talent from around the globe.


Five Q is a (mostly) distributed company.

Meaning that most of our team members enjoy working from their own home. Spread out across four time zones so, wherever you are, we are near you.

From New York to Montana, we’ve got you covered. We love working this way because it allows us to create a family-first culture that helps give our team a great work-life balance.