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Ensuring your ministry has a strong foundation in the digital space is critical, it’s also getting more challenging than ever. Between Google’s algorithm updates, increased mobile usage, and the rise of voice activated devices (think Amazon Alexa), it’s hard to keep up and to know exactly where to invest your marketing resources to see the biggest impact possible. Five Q has been answering these critical questions for ministries since 2004.

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Digital Growth Strategy

Do you know how effective your digital presence is at gaining new supporters? We developed the Digital Growth Strategy to help you analyze your data, identify what is or isn't working, and provide tangible action items to grow your ministry's digital impact in one year.

Ministry Impact Platform

The Ministry Impact Platform is a website tool created specifically so ministries don’t have to worry about managing all of the latest digital trends. Websites using the Impact Platform bring together sleek design and performance, so you can focus on growing your ministry.

Journity Personalization

Journity, our very own personalization platform, transforms websites into a personalized experience – keeping your organization relevant. Ultimately, turning new visitors into email subscribers, volunteers and donors.

Google Ads Grant Management

Do you need to drive major awareness and website traffic on a small budget? Luckily, Google offers $10,000 a month of free advertising spend to nonprofits through their Google Ads Grant, and Five Q can manage the entire Ads account for you.

Additional Services


Custom Alexa Skills

Website Hosting

Strategic Consulting

Fundraising Campaign Management

Email Marketing

Website Design & Development

SEO Consulting

App Development

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