In all of our 17 years working with ministries on website redesigns, we have heard the same challenges come up over and over again:

  • Websites are rarely created with both sleek design and performance in mind.
  • It's a complete mystery if your website is working for your ministry, let alone gathering all of the important metrics.
  • Rebuilding a website can be expensive and time consuming to maintain.

We resonate with these challenges, and know that it can be difficult for busy organizations to stay on top of their website data.


The Solution: A New Generation of Website

We know that ministries don't just want people to visit their website, but stay and engage with the content. So we've gathered all of our experience in design, content, SEO, and digital donations to build into the Ministry Impact Platform based on our 5 Multipliers of Digital Impact. Let us worry about the technical details, and you can continue focusing on your mission.

Websites built in the Ministry Impact Platform feature...

  • Exceptional scores on Google Page Speed Insights and SEMrush Site Health
  • Built-in Journity personalization solutions
  • Integration with best-in-class fundraising software
  • Best practices in usability design

Prices starting at $3,499.

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