Get Your Free Ministry Benchmark Toolkit

Since 2004 we’ve been blessed to work with amazing ministries like Revive Our Hearts, Got Questions, Love Worth Finding, and we'd love to partner with you! If you find it challenging to look at data and know what needs to be done next, then let's change that together!

You will recieve:

1. A scorecard- to give you powerful data which will highlight your growth opportunities.

2. A brainstorming session- to help you understand your data and take action on the found opportunities.

3. A copy of Our Benchmark Study- This report of 1,000 ministries gives you a largescale view of how your digital impact compares to others.

To get started:

1. Fill out the form to request your scorecard.

2. We'll put together your custom scorecard and schedule a meeting.

3. One of our experts will meet with you for a full hour to brainstorm on how to move your ministry forward.

If you are just looking for the benchmark study you can download that directly here.