Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?


Your website is not getting enough traffic to gain ministry awareness and gather new supporters.

You've tried using the Google Ads Grant, but couldn't get the account to use the full $10,000 spend each month.

Paid advertising is expensive and time-consuming for a busy team.

Ads Grant Management with Five Q

If you've never heard of the Ads Grant, Google offers $10,000 a month of free advertising spend to nonprofits through a program they call the Google Ads Grant for Nonprofits.

Our team has experience optimizing Google Ads accounts with the Google Ads Grant, and we have seen fully-optimized accounts significantly generate more website traffic. The average ministry we work with sees an average of 5,000 clicks per month, with the overall range opportunity between 3,000 and 15,000 clicks per month.

Our services include:

Person at desk

Daily management of your Ads account, optimizing keywords, campaigns, and ads.

Monthly meetings to review the previous month's performance and strategy.

Weekly reports on the account performance, keywords, ad groups, and weekly spend.

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