Digital Growth Strategy

Ministries have limited resources, or a small team dedicated to digital efforts. That means they generally don't have time to dig into the data and determine what makes a difference on their website. On top of it all, they have teams waiting to hear how effective digital efforts have been, but no idea how to gather the numbers. Enter the Digital Growth Strategy.


A custom solution created by Five Q.

In a matter of four weeks, we analyze 3 key areas guaranteed to impact your digital presence:

1. Search Engine
Optimization Audit

We uncover issues from not ranking well, missed opportunities with main keywords, and findability limitations.

2. Google Analytics Audit

Your Google Analytics Audit identifies the gaps in collecting accurate and critical data for growth opportunities.

3. Conversion Rate
Optimization Plan

We examine your website for obvious concerns that hinder conversions and identify gaps in best practices.

To wrap it all up, we develop a Digital Growth Plan that incorporates the learnings into a 12-month plan to help grow your organization's digital footprint.

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