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We Help Marketing Practitioners Get The Right Things Done

Whether you are managing several teams within your ministry, or you’re a one-person team that manages all the marketing and communication, we know you’re busy... probably a little too busy.


We’ve been working with marketing and fundraising professionals since we were founded in 2004

And we understand that your day can feel like a whirlwind. You’re probably getting texts, calls, or emails right now asking you for something ASAP!

While keeping all the plates spinning is a challenge all on its own, we know that the root of your challenges revolves around three areas: prioritizing the actions that drive the biggest impact, implementing technology that won't add to your workload, and filling in any gaps in your team's skillset.

Our Digital Growth Strategy includes a 12-month plan that is built around your goals for the year – with prioritized action items you’ll know what needs to be tackled first.

  • First, we take a deep dive into your site structure to make sure it’s all in order for search engine optimization (Google search is probably responsible for over 40% of your website traffic).
  • Next, we go through you Google Analytics to identify opportunities, risks, and the metrics you need to see to make good decisions.
  • Then, we go through your conversion forms to check for issues and best practices to ensure there is nothing getting in the way of your audience taking the next steps.
  • Finally, we package our findings into a 12-month Digital Growth Plan that will tell you exactly what it will take to hit your goals.

Prioritizing Your Work

While just about every marketing leader has the best intentions of looking at their data, very few do. This can be for any number of reasons, you might not have an analytical background to read the data, you might need IT to get it set up (and surprise surprise they have a ton of competing priorities too) or it could be as simple as you’re too busy and don’t have the time.  We get it, that’s why we focus on getting just the important metrics to you and explaining how these metrics relate to achieving your goals for the year, so you won’t have to sift through endless charts that don’t help you grow your impact. We have also created simple marketing dashboards so you can see the metrics anytime (or have them emailed to you monthly so you don’t even have to remember to log in and look at them).

 Implementing Technology That Lessons Your Workload 

So often, ministry staff is bogged down by technology that isn’t quite designed to do what they need it to do. As a result, you end up with lots of workarounds that take extra work and don’t necessarily move your mission forward. We build and implement technology that is designed to drive performance, and ease your workload so you can concentrate on making an impact instead of copying and pasting data all over the place. We implement marketing strategies every day so we know exactly what it takes to get things done and stay within budget.

Filling In The Gaps

Managing resources is a critical part of growing your digital ministry. That usually means you’re understaffed and team members may be taking on roles they are not equipped to handle. Or maybe you have found yourself in charge of an area you know nothing about.

We are here to help guide you, and help fill in the knowledge so you can know what you don’t know.

We also structure our services as projects or retainers, so you can get the work done when you need some extra hours in the day, but don’t have the budget to hire someone full-time.

If you come into work in the mornings wondering how you are going to get everything done, spend way too much time manually managing your technology, or have a long list of opportunities that you can’t take advantage of because of staffing or other resource gaps – you should connect with Five Q.

Connect with us for a free consultation to see if it makes sense for us to come alongside you and help multiply your impact.