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We Help IT Leaders Implement High-Performance Technology

You’ve been given the challenge of making sure technology is in place so the rest of the ministry can get their jobs done – while also maintaining securing… and compliance… and budgets.

Of course, your job has gotten even more challenging in the past few years with concerns around big tech companies, GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act, and so on. Now, people are probably asking you about Core Web Vitals, too.

When we approach technology we focus on solutions that will meet performance requirements, integrate with your tech stack, and remain compliant and secure.

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Building in Performance From The Start

At Five Q, our team is comprised of marketing and fundraising strategists, as well as programmers and IT specialists. That gives us the ability not only make sure our technology meets the performance standards set by your executives or digital teams, but also to build in the technical performance standards that they don't know they need. 

We dig deep on things like information architecture, page speed, and data management. 

This starts with our website personalization platform, Journity, which allows your marketing team to create personalized experiences for each of your website visitors. It installs with just a few lines of code, is GDPR compliant, and integrates into just about any website platform.

That’s just one example of our technical chops. We’ve also developed the Ministry Impact Platform, that is designed specifically for optimization of technical SEO, page speed, and Core Web Vitals. It also makes it easy for your content team to maintain these standards – with features like built-in image optimization.

We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between business performance and technical performance – which is why we build for both.

Integration with Your Current Tech Stack

We know you’ve spent countless hours picking the technology that gets included in your tech stack. While sometimes that technology needs to be replaced, more often than not it just needs the new technology to play nice with it.

We seek solutions that will work the best for you, and have a deep understanding of how to make this possible.

Including extensive experience with WordPress, Django, React, AWS, and Alexa skills just to name a few. The software solutions that we offer also have a wide range of integrations via API, Zapier, or Webhooks to make sure you’ll find something that connects with your current tech stack.

Security and Compliance

We work with ministries around the world, and while each country has its own standards and challenges, we know they all have one thing in common: the need for security and compliance.

This something our team takes very seriously because in some cases it can be a matter of life and death. If you have specific security or compliance questions, our team is always happy to talk with you.

If you’re constantly getting requests from other departments to evaluate new software to implement or need a development partner that you can trust, drop us a line, we’d love to geek out with you over the options.

Schedule a free technology consultation with us.