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Building Awareness in a Noisy Social Media Space: A Proven 3-Step Model

This is a special episode of the ministry at scale podcast, where we highlight some of the best sessions from the Digital Ministry Conference. In this session, Natchi Lazarus, co-founder of Open Minds Agency, shares how to cut through the clutter in a noisy social media space. 

Why Focus on Social Media

This session on social media is specifically about creating awareness for your ministry. When it comes to the ability to reach an audience there are few if any places you can reach a larger audience than social media. 57% of the world is currently on social media that includes 500 million new users between 2020 and 2021. 

Where to Engage On Social Media

While there are 100s of possible channels and it may seem daunting to know where to engage. However, there has been a big consolidation among the largest users, Natchi shares data that shows, if reach is your main concern, you can access 97% of all social media users just through engaging on one or two of the largest social media platforms. 

How do I cut through the noise?

We are experiencing content shock at the moment where the creation of content continues to skyrocket, but we don’t have extra hours in the day, which creates a phenomenon where people don’t have the ability to consume all of the content that is being created. Natchi encourages that there is still hope for our content to be seen, and he shares three essential steps to getting heard. Listen to the full episode to learn what those steps are, and how you can grow your impact.

We’ll be sharing the best sessions from the Digital Ministry Conference over the next few weeks so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode.


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