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How to Get $10,000 a Month For Your Ministry - Ben Martin with Five Q

On this episode of the Ministry at Scale podcast, we hear a talk from the 2021 Digital Ministry Conference from Ben Martin of 5Q. He shares about the Google Ads grant for nonprofits and how ministries can use this to increase engagement and clicks to their website.

The Google ads grant gives the ability to run up to $10,000 in Google search ads for free. It’s part of Google For Nonprofits and it’s a great resource for driving new users to a website. Anyone who qualifies for Google for nonprofits can have access to the free ads and it allows ministries to run text ads within Google search results. 

These ads are prompted by keywords. With search ads, you input your budget, add your content, define your keywords, and then wait. It’s a unique type of advertising because it requires waiting to see if the content is relevant, if your keywords are being searched, and if your landing page is relevant to your keywords. For these reasons, it’s important to watch your impression and engagement results so you can see if any content or keywords need to be edited or changed. 

There are a lot of rules and requirements for your keywords as well. Some of these rules state that it’s necessary to have at least a 5% clickthrough rate, keywords that are relevant to your website, and non-plagiarized content.

How is that going to help increase awareness?

These ads are more than likely going to be shown to people who are not already familiar with your content or ministry. The people that will find your ads are searching for a topic and want to find content that aligns with your ministry intent.  If able to fully utilize all $10,000 of free ads each month, that could mean between 50,000 and 161,000 clicks per year. For more information about the Google ads grand, listen to this full episode of the Ministry at Scale podcast.


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