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How to Turn Your Sermons into Engaging Social Media Content with Corey Alderin

How to Turn Your Sermons into Engaging Social Media Content with Corey Alderin

Corey Alderin is the founder of Sermon Shots, a platform that helps churches transform their full sermons into popular short-form video content for Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. In this hands-on workshop, Corey shares his expertise on leveraging AI to create thumb-stopping, engaging clips that reach people where they are consuming content. 

Why Vertical Video Content Matters Now More Than Ever 

Corey highlights the seismic shift happening in social media, where follower count doesn't determine who sees your content. The AI algorithms analyze each video's content and match it with the right audience members most likely to engage. This unlocks massive reach potential even for ministries with small followings. 

5 Keys to Creating Viral-Worthy Vertical Clips 

1. Captions - With most viewing on mute, having captions is crucial 

2. Keep It Brief - Shorter videos perform better to sustain engagement 

3. Grab Attention Early - Use a provocative hook in the first 2-5 seconds

4. Leverage Music - Adding the right music can invoke desired emotions

5. Highlight Faces - Close-up shots of faces are proven attention drivers

Walk-Through: Turning a Sermon into Multiple Engaging Clips 

In the live demo, Corey shows exactly how the Sermon Shots platform utilizes AI to streamline the clip creation process: 

1. Upload your long-form video content 

2. Select from pre-built appealing designs and styles 

3. Let the AI suggest top moments or identify them by keyword 

4. Fine-tune clips with text, branding, zooming, music and more 

5. Preview clips on each platform to optimize appearance 

6. Download ready-to-post video clips in a fraction of the normal time 

The Power of AI to Multiply Your Content's Reach

What used to take hours can now be done rapidly thanks to AI capabilities like speech-to-text, facial detection, and identifying engaging moments. This allows ministries to repurpose one sermon into a stream of natively formatted videos perfectly suited for each social platform. 

Corey's innovative approach combines AI's efficiency with human curation to create ultra-engaging content that expands your ministry's reach and impact like never before. For a first-hand look at this game-changing process, listen to Corey's full instructive workshop now!