Leading a Legacy Ministry into a New Age
with Bobby Lewis with Love Worth Finding

This episode of the Ministry at Scale podcast features a talk from Bobby Lewis from Love Worth Finding Ministries. He shares about the process of shifting to a legacy ministry and how he and his team shifted the way they provide content.

In 2005, Love Worth Finding ministries became a legacy ministry. It had been a media publishing ministry from the teachings of pastor Adrian Rogers. After he went to be with the Lord, the ministry had to figure out what to do next. They didn’t know how long the ministry would last without their founder, but they did realize that people were still receiving value from the ministry. Ultimately their goal was to bring people to Christ and mature them in the faith and they could still do this through their archive of the past 50 years of digital content.

Bobby and his team recognized the need to be active rather than passive in the ministry and work to find a way to provide content to those in need of it. They understood what an incredible legacy they held and recognized they had an ability to cater content to people where they need it most.

They began creating a sequence that helps understand where people are in their spiritual walk and based on those answers can provide the most impactful content. Through a series of testing over a year and a half, Bobby and his team came up with four words to describe parts of a spiritual walk: searching, struggling, growing, and mature. They mapped each of those spiritual stages to a website location that can recommend a place for people to go to receive content based on where they say they are in their spiritual journey.

They have been energized by the ability to use past legacy content and are planning on ways to take what they’ve learned and apply to other aspects of ministry. To hear more about creating impact in a legacy ministry, listen to episode #52 of the Ministry at Scale podcast.


Love Worth Finding Ministries