Mapping the Donor Journey with Empathy with Kedron Rhodes

Mapping the Donor Journey with Empathy with Kedron Rhodes

Kedron Rhodes, Director of Digital Experiences at Crowe LLP, has over 25 years of expertise in optimizing customer journeys. In this insightful episode, he shares a powerful framework for enhancing donor relationships through empathetic experiences. Here are some key topics covered: 

Why Cultivating Donor Empathy is Crucial 

Kedron emphasizes the importance of stepping outside your own perspective to truly understand how donors feel at each touchpoint. He provides examples of how changing expectations can create mismatched experiences over time. 

Building an Empathy Map for Your Donor Persona 

Kedron guides listeners through developing a relatable donor persona by mapping out their objectives, frustrations, influences, and behaviors. This lays the groundwork for evaluating the journey through their lens. 

Auditing the Full Donor Journey 

Using the persona, Kedron demonstrates how to document every interaction from initial awareness through consideration, donation, support, and even discontinuation. The goal? Identify pain points where the actual experience falls short of the donor's expectations. 

Prioritizing Seamless Donation Experiences 

Kedron stresses the importance of minimizing friction during the crucial donation process when the donor is at their "aspirational high" and most motivated to give. 

Never Neglecting the Discontinuation Phase 

While often overlooked, Kedron explains why mapping the discontinuation journey is vital for understanding departing donors and preventing negative impressions. 

Through hands-on activities and real-world examples, this episode equips you with a comprehensive journey-mapping approach to continually optimize your donor's experience through an empathetic lens. 

Listen to the full episode for all the insights, templates, and group exercises around this transformative donor-centric methodology.