3 Keys to Scale Your Ministry - Josh Wilson of Kingdom Syndicate

In episode 40 we speak with Josh Wilson, who is a serial entrepreneur, the founder of Kingdom Syndicate, The Deal Scout Podcast, and many other ventures. Josh has a ton of experience in scaling businesses. Josh shares with us his journey of going from a roofer in his family business to an investor and all the highs and lows that brought him to where he is today.

Know Yourself, Know Your Audience, Speak in their Language

When it comes to scaling anything most people look to the latest tactics and tools that will help along the way, while these things are important it’s key to start at the beginning. We all have a part to play in God’s plan, and an integral part of that journey is to know yourself, your talents, abilities, and your calling. Josh shares how he uses business as his ministry because he feels called to an entrepreneurial life. 

Next, you need to know who your audience is, not just identifying the demographics, but knowing where they hang out, what their challenges are, and what keeps them up at night. Once you have this knowledge base you can begin to meet them where they are and speak their language.

Knowing yourself and your audience, really allows you to add value because you are not trying to be something you aren’t and you know how your strengths can drive growth for your audience.

Where Does Failure Fit Into The Journey?

Failure is not something you’ll ever get comfortable with, but it is a critical part of the journey. Failure is a learning opportunity and a sign of growth. If you aren’t seeing any failures then you probably are not pushing yourself toward growth. Josh shares a few elements to handle failure.

1. Remember the grace that God gives each of us and extend that grace to yourself and others. Failure is never fun, but it is a part of the journey.

2. Share your failures. Many people present only their successes, and then find their children or their team suffering the same failures. Sharing your failures allows others to avoid the same fate and builds collective wisdom.

3. Honesty and transparency build trust. We know all humans make mistakes and fail at different times. If you only present yourself as a perfect person people will know you’re hiding your flaws. Honesty, however, builds trust (at least among the type of people you’d want to work with).

Be sure to listen to the full episode, to hear all of the powerful lessons that Josh shares from his journey including the failures and successes.


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