Creatives Lead with author Eric Brown

Creatives Lead with author Eric Brown

In episode 39 we spoke with Eric Brown, author of the book Creatives Lead. The idea for this book came from his own personal experience as he shifted from a doer and implementer to a leadership role he realized how different those skill sets are. In his time in leadership positions he became intentional about helping others grow and noticed that it is common for talented people who are used to doing the work struggle to make the transition to leaders. That generated a passion in Eric to build this framework.

How Do You Build in Time To Implement Transformative Ideas?

The way the book is structured to be used in the 12 week timeframe is intentional, to ensure there is reading time, followed by time to implement it in your life. Information alone is only valuable if you act on it, and in order to form a new habit you really have to be consistent if you want it to become a part of who you are.

An Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Gamer and Architect become leaders...

Creatives have different styles and different personalities so like anything growing into leadership roles is not a one size fits all. Eric explains how he has seen different types of leaders process ideas and work. In his book he classifies these as Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, Gamers and Architects, be sure to check out the creatives lead website for this assessment and other resources.

What are the principles you use to make sure you’re hiring the right people?

When it comes to making sure you have the right people in the right place, its critical to start by getting to know your team, not just their names and what they do, but getting one on one time where you can understand what their goals are why they do what they do and what they hope to accomplish in their careers. From there you can find gaps in your current product roadmap. This lets you get an understanding of both the hard skills and the soft skills you need in new hires. 

Be sure to listen to the full episode to get all the insights Eric shares on leaderships, growing leaders and more.


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