From Broadcast to Podcast with Gordon Marcy

From Broadcast to Podcast with Gordon Marcy

Gordon Marcy has been in the broadcast radio industry since he was 17, he specialized in Christian radio starting in 1985 and shifted to a focus on podcasting in recent years, he has developed the Glorystone App, which is the first on demand platform for Christian Podcasting. 

How did you get into streaming content?

Gordon’s first foray into streaming content was sparked by a conversation with Global Media Outreach. He had the opportunity to visit their headquarters and see how they were leveraging technology to reach seekers around the world. He was particularly impressed by how easy it was to communicate directly with week seekers online. He became an online missionary for Global Media Outreach and still is today, this experience pushed him to find a way to get gospel focused content into the hands of seekers around the world. Through the Glorystone App, Global Media Outreach is sharing on demand content (both audio and video) with 2,000-4,000 seekers around the world each week.

Building better products through an iterative process

Keeping close to users is a critical part of developing better products. Gordon learned quickly from the first iteration of the Glorystone app from conversations with early adopters. His first iteration required manually updating the content, which was a simple process but still required a person to update it, later iterations automated this process, added a wider variety of content and integrated personalization through Journity. Building new features and functionality based on user needs ensures that the products you build will benefit your target market.

How can content creators ensure their content is available on Glorystone App?

The Glorystone app can accept most audio and video content that has an RSS feed if you produce a Christian Podcast, visit the “for Podcasters” section of the Glorystone website to ensure your content is added to the directory.

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