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Growing a Global Outreach from a Local Ministry - Rick Boxx of Unconventional Business Network

For several years, Rick Boxx worked as a bank executive. After he was called to follow the Lord, his business practices began to change for the better. One instance of this was when he bid on a foreclosed house before finding out it was going to be worth much less than he initially thought. He was given the opportunity to change the agreement that he signed but knew it would have been the wrong and from that moment on, the people he worked with knew where Rick stood on moral issues. As time went on, he wanted to find a way to combine his love for business and his love for Jesus in a way that could help others do business according to biblical principles.

Rick wanted to follow the will of the Lord and be obedient to His calling. One year he had two radio executives contact him separately and ask if he wanted to do a radio show on integrity in the workplace. Having no experience in radio, he began writing 90 days’ worth of content at the advice of the executives. He figured that since he was writing them, he might as well send it out in an email to a handful of people. Eventually, he was getting emails from people in Spanish and Portuguese about his writings even though he sent out his emails in English. He eventually found out that his emails were picked up by an international company, translated to 8 languages and were sent to over 1 million different people.

After completing 90 days of writing for his potential radio show, he discovered that both executives had resigned, and the radio show would not end up working out without a large fee. Eventually, someone else reached out and offered to host his show for free.

Since that time, he has learned how many different forms one piece of content can take. From reading plans on the YouVersion bible app, to a podcast, to daily 1-minute snippets on radio stations across the country, one piece of content can be used in a variety of different ways.

Rick and his team have been able to reach an international audience as well. One man in France had been reading Rick’s daily emails for 10 years and was able to take those emails to his business and share them with other leaders in order to spark a dialogue about the Bible. He has seen a lot of growth and change in his life from these daily emails and God has been faithful to change people’s lives through the daily emails because of Rick’s obedience and diligence to God’s calling.

To learn more about Rick and his ministry, listen to the entirety of episode #60 of the Ministry at Scale podcast.