How to bring Joy to Your Donors With Jeff Kliewer of ViewSPARK

Jeff Kliewer is the founder of ViewSpark. He has worked in fundraising for over 30 years and brings much experience to this episode. Jeff has taken his experience with fundraising and, through ViewSpark, has put a powerful way to connect with your donors right at your fingertips. In this episode, Jeff shares a variety of topics, including:

Why Customer Feedback is Critical for Innovation

Jeff shares how ViewSpark customers started using the product in ways he had never imagined and how those experiences have helped shape their product development.

How Real-time Information Matters

It is one thing to tell your donors what their funds are doing to make the world a better place. It is an entirely different thing to show them firsthand. Jeff shares stories about rescue missions in Maui using ViewSpark to give real-time impact updates.

Showing Impact Means Being Authentic

Ministry work can be messy, yet we often feel like everything we produce must be polished and shiny. But donors want to see the impact they are having firsthand. Jeff shares a story of how one customer shared a video during a massive snowstorm about the need to help their homeless neighbors living in that very storm. Simple and real wins over polished messaging every time. 

Why Video and Text is a Winning Combination

As a digital communicator, you know how hard it is to get your message seen and heard. Jeff shares tremendous response rates made possible by the video and text message combination. He also shares why these rates get amplified when you send the content your recipients have been waiting to watch.

This episode is full of powerful stories and practical tips on how to better serve your donors with authentic, timely video updates from the field.

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