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Impacting your Workplace for Christ - Jim & Martha Brangenberg with iWork4Him

In episode 43 we speak with Jim and Martha Brangenberg, the founders of iwork4Him ministries. Their story begins as 13-year-olds, they both attended the same youth conference and committed their lives to Christian ministry, even though they hadn’t met each other yet. While they maintained their commitment to full-time ministry, they both felt called to entrepreneurial endeavors and struggled to figure out how to live their commitment to full-time ministry and live out their talents. Through God’s providence, they met a woman who worked in Christian radio who encouraged them to put their message of workplace ministry on the radio. Since then, they have done over 2,000 podcast episodes, written three books, and partnered with 1000s of workplace ministries to help Christians live out their faith in the workplace.

How Do You Get Started With Workplace Ministry?

If you want to know how to get started in the workplace check out the iwork4Him covenant. It is really simple, start by praying for everyone around you, then be sure you are going above and beyond in your job, thirdly make friends with your co-workers. Real friendships that extend beyond work. Then you’ll be able to see when their demeanor changes and when they are in need, and you’ll have the opportunity to listen to them and pray with them.

How Should Christians Think About Retirement?

In general, when we think about retirement, we think about what we are retiring from, and rarely think about what that will enable us to do. The only context for retirement in the Bible is the Levitical priests. They had a mandatory retirement age of 50, however, they were instructed to then raise up the next generation of priests. The I retire for him book goes into detail about ways to think about retirement, but as a simplified next step think about the next generation. Moving into a neighborhood that trends younger can be a powerful way to have an impact. Many young people don’t have easy access to their parents or grandparents so being an adopted grandparent in your neighborhood is a way to transform an entire community.

Be sure to listen to the full episode to hear Jim and Martha share their knowledge about workplace ministry, retirement, discipleship and so much more.