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Jesus on Every Screen - Denise Godwin with International Media Ministries

In episode 33 we speak with Denise Godwin, President of International Media Ministries. Denise and her husband always thought missions would be part of their lives, but never expected to be missionaries full time. However, God’s plans sometimes differ from ours, and Denise and her husband were appointed missionaries, allowing her to take her experience in secular media to become the President of International Media Ministries. International Media Ministries got their start in 1979, with a group of forward thinking believers who wanted to leverage media to help nationals become evangelistic. As media has evolved, their mission has become to get Jesus on Every Screen. 

What are the areas of Media You Focus On?

The niche that International Media Ministries focuses on is storytelling. This started out in more traditional television broadcasting, however, has evolved into other channels. These stories can be as short as a few minutes for Social Media channels, all the way up to a full length feature film. 

What Types of Partnerships Do You Have?

Over the years International Media Ministries has built partnerships with several ministries, typically with ministries that are looking for more story based content. Some of their content has been used by Sat-7 and the Miracle Network. They also always create a track with just the music and visuals so that partners can take the content easily and translate it into their own languages.

Jesus On Every Screen

The mission of “Jesus on every screen” represents the current ways that people consume media, their mission statement used to focus on television, then added in “new media” and eventually became every screen, to capture the heart of the ministry. If anyone is looking at their screen, and they are worried or in need of hope, International Media Ministries wants them to be able to find Jesus.

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