Learn, Grow, Go - TJ Tison from E5 Institute

Learn, Grow, Go. This is TJ Tison’s motto when it comes to helping faith-based organizations develop a culture of learning.    Growing up, she always loved learning and has since found a way to help institute learning management systems for nonprofit organizations. To do this, TJ and her team use the E5 system: Engage, Establish, Equip, Empower, Expand

At the core of almost every type of non-profit is learning and when it comes to faith-based ministries, that usually comes down to some kind of disciple making.  The question is now “how do you multiply?” rather than “how do you add?” and that’s where the power of digital comes into play. TJ mentioned that she views the paradigm shift from COVID as a beautiful thing, because ministries can reach a much larger group of people. They key is to shift how we use digital tools God has given us to use them more effectively. It’s also critical that we don’t lose the community aspect that comes with in-person communication. 

Another way that TJ encourages learning and growth within her organization is by implementing a rule that if a few people go to a conference or seminar, they are required to teach some of what they know to the rest of the team. This way, they are sure to listen well enough that they could teach on the subject, and the rest of the team can benefit from some practical knowledge as well.

TJ is also an author, and her book Killing Wonder Woman is written to combat societal expectations, and to help set weary women free through Jesus to win at work and soar in faith.  

To hear more about TJ Tison and her passion for learning, listen to the entirety of episode #58 of the Ministry at Scale podcast.