Marketplace Mission Trips with Mike Henry Sr. From Follower of One

In this episode, we speak with Mike Henry Sr, the founder of Follower of One. Mike shares his story of God’s faithfulness throughout the years, even when Mike didn’t realize it, and how that lead him to start Follower of One, with the goal of helping every Christian view their job as a mission field. Mike reminds us that no matter where God places us, we work for him, and can bring glory to Him through our vocation.

The Struggle is Real

Have you ever struggled with how to live your faith? Maybe you’ve been the only Christian in your workplace? Do you long to do something with an eternal impact, and think that can only happen by quitting your job and becoming a full-time missionary? These are the same situations that brought Mike to create the Follower of One community. Mike shares how the day after giving his life to Christ, he went back to his job that he really didn’t like, and the lessons he’s learned over the past 30 years asking God to put him in ministry.

You’re Not Alone

Mike shares that the only time he’s been successful whether it’s personal goals or spiritual growth it’s been when he does it in a community. That is why he started Follower of One as a community. You can connect with other “workplace missionaries” to encourage each other, learn from each other and pray for each other.

5 Daily Activities to Keep You On Track

It may feel intimidating to be a light at your job. Especially since your livelihood relies on keeping that job. Mike reminds us that although it’s scary, and even after working at this for the last 30 years he still has struggles, there are a few easy ways to get started and stay focused.

The 5 Daily Activities to get you going are:

1. Pray

2. Appreciate Others

3. Know What You Believe

4. Serve Others

5. Speak for Yourself

Be sure to listen to the full episode to hear more in-depth what these five activities are, and how they can impact your life. Mike also shares what a “Marketplace Mission Trip” is and how you can be part of one. 


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