Media to Movements With Clyde Taber and Jon Ralls

In this episode of the Ministry at Scale Podcast we speak with Clyde Taber, from Visual Story Network and Jon Ralls from Kavanah Media and the Christian Media Marketing Podcast. They discuss why digital media is a powerful tool for fulfilling the great commission and how they are leveraging it to open doors for the Gospel around the world. They also give great insights into what the Media to Movement model is and how it’s seeing a resurgence. Be sure to listen to the full episode and subscribe so you don’t miss out on any great insights.

Why Digital Media?

Simply because digital is pervasive, people are spending more and more time consuming media, particularly on their phones. When it comes to meeting people where they are, there is no better place to meet people than on their devices.

What is Media to Movement?

Media to Movement is a model of using digital media to make real world connections and start new movements. When it comes to ministry that means developing media for searchers, enabling people to identify if they are interested in learning more, or have harmful intentions, they connect the searchers with people in their communities to help them grow their faith. This is not a new model, however, it is currently seeing a resurgence in interest largely because digital media makes it possible to get content in front of anyone worldwide. 

Be sure to listen to the full episode to hear why focus can help you move your ministry forward and many other great insights into digital ministry. Don’t forget to check out the Christian Media Marketing Podcast, and the Visual Story Network.