The Power of Identity

with Shea Bynes
of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs

Shae Bynes is the Chief Fire Igniter and founder of the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur movement. On this episode of the Ministry at Scale Podcast, Chad sits down with Shae to talk about what a kingdom culture looks like and how to focus on using a kingdom approach to business.

In 2009, God told Shae to quit her corporate job at IBM.
She originally started out as a software engineer and had continued to work her way up in the company, but she knew it was God telling her to move on because it wasn’t in her plans. Less than a year later, she quit her job at IBM with little guidance on what to do next but continued to trust in God’s faithfulness along the way. After some time, she got connected to a woman who would eventually become her cofounder of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur. She knew that it was a God-given friendship and since then, she has worked to help others take a kingdom approach to business.

What does a kingdom approach look like? Shae breaks it down into 5 categories.

Kingdome Entrepreneurs model
Graphic credit Kindom Entrepreneurs

The first piece is identity, which the other 4 pieces are built upon. You need to be able to trust that you can hear God’s voice and allow him express Himself through you. It’s very much a discipleship process as you learn to build an identity based on how God sees you.

The next is assignment. What’s your assignment? Does it match up with God’s assignment for you and your business? Financial ROI is important, but we also need to focus on eternal ROI.

The next is assets. We have an unlimited God that we are in partnership with. What does it look like to operate out of Heaven’s economy? It’s not about operating for provision, but rather from provision.

The next is culture. How does your kingdom culture affect your company, self, and your business ecosystem along with all the people that you touch with what you do in business?

The final part is operations. When we take a look at marketing or any other aspect of a business, we need to be asking what we can learn from Jesus. How can we avoid the ways of the world when it comes to marketing or staffing or any other part of our business?

The whole point of all these is to help people align with the King of Kings to let God influence the world around us through our work and through our businesses.

To learn more from Shae Bynes about how she uses social media and how she focuses on efficiency in her work, listen to the entirety of this episode Ministry at Scale podcast.


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