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We’ve been working with ministry executives since our founding in 2004. While leading ministries comes with new challenges every day, we’ve found that the most critical challenges fall into three categories: strategic planning, building your team, and getting the right data. 

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Strategic Planning:

You and your board probably have a grand vision of milestones that you would like to see your ministry hit in the next 12 months and maybe even the next 3-5 years, but do you know what it will take to hit those milestones? Or even how far you’ll need to go to get there?

Frequently, decisions on vision and goals are based on inspiring ideals – and ministries end up falling short because the executives and their team members don’t have a clear strategic plan forward. Our Digital Growth Strategy offers a 12-month plan that outlines exactly what it will take to get you to your next milestone, including prioritized action items and their cost – so you can make the decisions that will best steward your ministry toward sustainable growth.

Building Your Team

With limited resources, it can be a real balancing act when it comes to investing in your team and making sure they have what they need to make the vision become a reality. You have to make decisions about whether to hire, train, or outsource.

We’ve worked with teams of all skills and sizes, and can help you identify when it’s the right time for each. All of our services focus on transparency, so your team will have access to all the data and all the strategy we put into it. This will help them gain confidence – and they'll know if it is something we can train them in, or if it’s best left to specialists.

When we deliver our Digital Growth Strategy, you’ll also receive the raw data for things like the SEO audit, along with the prioritized list of action items, and our pricing to implement everything. This means you have precise requirements if you want to shop around other agencies or do the work yourself.

At Five Q, we value complete transparency in our work because we exist to multiply your digital impact, and sometimes that means you get the work done without us.

Getting the Right Data

Our experience has been that nearly all ministry executives struggle with getting the right data that will help them be better stewards of the resources they have been given. 

Often times, your team members are filling too many roles, and simply can’t be experts in everything, so they don’t know which data will be most valuable to you. Or agencies and consultants feel the need to prove their worth, and flood you with so much data that it becomes impossible to sift through it all.

We have simplified data into what we call the Five Multipliers of Impact. These five areas of focus can help you identify opportunities and gaps quickly, and they are universally relevant so they will work for any ministry. The Five Multipliers of Impact are Awareness, Engagement, Conversion Rates, Average Value, and Retention.

All of your critical metrics can fit into one of these categories. We also have the ability to gather your data and put it into an easy-to-read dashboard for your whole team to see.

Having this data front and center will:

  • Make it easier for your department heads to know how they should prioritize their work
  • Allow you to show your board members how your ministry is growing
  • Give your fundraising team easy access to impact metrics that they can share with new and existing donors 

If you find yourself lying awake at night worried you are investing in the wrong areas, wasting resources, or missing opportunities, meet with us for a free consultation to see if our Digital Growth Strategy can help put your mind at ease.