Do you know how well your digital efforts are working?

It can be a challenge to know where you need to improve when you don’t know what the standard is. Data without context is difficult to act on. We hear ministries ask for benchmarks regularly – and while there are plenty of studies available to general nonprofits, we haven’t been able to find a single study specifically on ministries.

Person at desk

That is why we are asking you to participate in the 2024 Ministry Benchmark Study.

The purpose of the study is to highlight how well your ministry is performing and equip you with the data you need to make your digital ministry as effective as possible. Your participation will be simple, and will provide insights for the entire industry!

Our goal is to gather benchmarks on the most common questions we hear from ministries such as:

“Which channels drive the most traffic to ministry websites?”

“Which channels work best to find new donors?”

“Is my monthly donor program growing as fast as it should be?”

What’s required to participate?

In order to gather enough information we will only need two things from you:

1. Access to your Google Analytics account (view access only is sufficient, and all data used in the study will be anonymized, so your private data will stay private).

2. We’ll need you to answer a short questionnaire to help us gather critical information that cannot be found in Google Analytics.

Fill out the form below and we will email you instructions for granting us access to your Google Analytics account, as well as the survey.

What you’ll get for participating:

Beyond our thanks, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping the entire industry improve, you’ll get the following perks.

• Early access to the Ministry Benchmark report.

• A scorecard for your ministry so you can see, at a glance, how you are doing compared to the benchmarks.

• A free 30-minute strategy session with our specialists to give you ideas on where your best opportunities for growth are based on your scorecard results.

When will the study be completed?

This will depend on how quickly ministries like yours give us access to the data we need for the study. However, our goal is to have the study completed and the early access reports in your hands by the first week in June. We will need a minimum number of ministries to participate to make the study worthwhile, so if you believe this information is valuable please sign up to participate today.