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How to Grow Your Email List: Using Content to Create Connections

If you’ve ever checked the sources of your online fundraising efforts, you’re aware that email continues to be the strongest driver of donations for just about any type of organization. Perhaps you are not seeing growth in your email list... Or worse, it’s shrinking. Luckily, we have some fantastic tips and tricks to grow your email list and form meaningful connections with your audience.

Let’s start with the basics.

What gets people to subscribe to your email list in the first place?

There are 5 critical elements to email content that will attract an audience:

It must add VALUE

It must be UNIQUE

It must be RELEVANT

It must match your MISSION

It must be in the CONTEXT of driving deeper engagement

In order to fit these critical elements, you need to create (or repurpose) compelling content to capture email addresses and expand your list.

Here are 3 types of proven content strategies that work like a charm:

Downloadable Resources
PDF or infographic that allows you to share enlightening content- this goes back to adding value to your email subscribers. Go big with an interactive infographic to really ‘wow’ your audience!

30-Day Challenges
A powerful idea that gets people to engage with your mission every day for thirty days (or however many days you want). This is a great way to encourage next step actions for people on your list.

Signature Resources
A resource that becomes the organization’s signature piece like a yearly report, guide, or how-to document. This type of content can be more challenging to create, but worthwhile.
Now you have a working framework of how to create interesting and engaging email content, but what if you could grow your email list even faster?

Onsite personalization (think lightboxes, popups, modals) can do just that!

Website personalization can dramatically change the way users engage with your content. By creating compelling opt-in offers (infographics, 30-day challenges, and signature resources), your website visitors make real connections to your mission. The more connected someone is to your organization, the more likely they are to volunteer, spread the word and donate.

Thankfully, Journity makes it easy to view your audience interests and customize the content they see on your website. With Journity, you can view individuals’ engagement levels, interests, locations, and more to serve them relevant content and connect them with your organization on a deeper level.

Contact us for more information, we would love to chat! In the meantime, check out our 30-minute webinar about growing email lists here.