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Facebook Advertising for Nonprofits: Successful Fundraising Campaigns

Thank you for keeping up with our mini-series Facebook Advertising for Nonprofits! We hope it has been valuable and helpful as you hone in your social media strategy. If you haven’t already, download our guide, “Demystifying Facebook Audiences" for free to learn everything you need to know about using the Facebook Audience tool.

There are three common Facebook campaigns that are extremely successful for nonprofits just like you: awareness campaigns, email list growth campaigns, and donation campaigns.

Let’s briefly explore each type:

Awareness Campaigns

This type of campaign reaches the broadest audience with very generalized targeting. These campaigns are best for increasing exposure and promoting your page. For example, you may want to promote a recent podcast for parents, so you could set your detailed demographics to target new parents with toddlers. Or perhaps you may include a segment in interests for people who liked pages related to parenting.

Check out National Safety Council’s success story with their awareness campaign.

Email List Growth Campaigns

This type of campaign can also be called “lead generation.” The call-to-action for this campaign is more direct than simple awareness. For instance, you may want to recruit new volunteers. You can do this by setting your general demographics to segment audience members based on an age requirement for the volunteer event, or perhaps you may look for Page Admins of social groups. This is simply one example of a lead-generation campaign.

Check out how Mercy Corp was able to decrease their conversion cost by 50% by using the Pixel, CRM, and audience tool compared to other advertising platforms.

Donation Campaigns

These campaigns are designed to engage people who have already shown interest in your organization. You can use the Pixel to create custom audiences based on people who have shown a strong affinity for your cause and ask them to support your mission by donating.

Check out this success story from charity:water’s donation campaign.

If you have yet to download our Facebook guide, now’s the time! Snag your copy here. Our team at Five Q is eager to serve you. If you need help strategizing or executing your nonprofit social media strategy, we’d love to connect.