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How Jesus.net Personalizes the Digital Experience
With Jan-Willem Bosman with Jesus.net

In this episode, we bring to you another session from the 2021 Digital Ministry Conference. Jan-Willem Bosman explains the strategy of Jesus.net. Through the use of personalization, their goal is lead people to the center of the Gospel and help them grow in their spiritual journey.

In the commercial world, personalization is already happening. On Netflix, for example, your suggested movies will most likely differ from your spouse’s suggested movies. The team at Jesus.net wanted to take that idea of personalization and apply it to the Gospel to help people right where they’re at.

The first step is finding a good methodology. How do you know where people are in their spiritual walk? Jan-Willem and his team created a survey to solve this problem. When people visit Jesus.net they can fill out the survey and it will put them in one of five stages of a spiritual journey. 

In the second step to personalization, you need to create a match between content and the needs of the people. To make that happen you need to create an algorithm. One main purpose of this algorithm is to guide people through the content in order to help them grow in their walk with Jesus. The ultimate goal is to bring people one step closer to Jesus every day. Finally, you need to come up with a plan to identify what the best technology is to get these things done.

Jan-Willem really believes that this is a revolution in internet evangelism and discipleship. With all the data that is collected, you can see the impact that it has had. The team at Jesus.net has been able to see many people grow in their walk with Jesus, in their spiritual activity, church involvement and in the fruits of the spirit. As they continue to grow the platform, they hope to help people know God, grow in Jesus, and share their faith easily.

For more information from Jan-Willem, you can listen to the entirety of episode #54 of the Ministry at Scale podcast.



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