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Hire Right. Test Often. Scale Fast. - Jonathan Pitts of For Girls Like You

In Episode 24 of the Ministry at Scale Podcast, we get to speak with Jonathan Pitts, who is a chief strategist at Dunham & Company, Co-founder of For Girls Like You, Author, and Pastor. Jonathan shares with us why it’s important to invest in digital, how to bring new ideas into ministries, and shares his personal story of seeing God’s hand while walking through grief. Be sure to listen to the full episode hear Jonathan’s powerful story.

The Foundation for Scaling Digital Ministry
Jonathan shares that the critical foundation for growing your digital ministry is to first recognize digital as a channel in its own right, rather than just an add-on, and second is to prioritize it. If the leadership doesn’t recognize these ideas, then you won’t invest in digital and if you don’t invest you won’t see a return on the investment. Beyond just investing in platforms though you need to invest in your staff members, the people working within your ministry are the most valuable things you have going for you.

How Do You Make The Transition From Audio to Video
When shifting from primarily a radio ministry to a digital ministry, video as a medium played an important role. What is important to remember when making a shift like this is that your audience is not the same, so it is worth taking the time and putting in the effort to create original content that is channel-specific and resonates with the audience you are trying to reach. Simply converting your old content into a digital file format is not building a productive digital strategy.

Getting Executive Buyin for New Ideas
New ideas are the lifeblood of growing any type of organization, including ministries. When you bring a new idea that you want the leadership to get behind know that testing is the key. You should let your leaders know, what results or goals you expect to achieve, so they can see how this idea aligns with the vision of the organization and secondly how you are going to test the idea. As you test ideas and share the outcomes this will build momentum because the executive can clearly see they are investing not just in ideas that sound like good ideas, but they are investing in things that have been tested and proven to add value to the ministry.

We know you'll learn a lot of Jonathan's wisdom and experience. Be sure to pick up a copy of his book, and don't forget to signup for the Ministry Benchmarks Study