Revive Our Hearts

  • Challenge

    Revive Our Hearts didn’t have the capability to create targeted messages for the various audiences visiting its website everyday.

  • Solution

    Use Journity to plan and create personalized messages to encourage different website visitors to take specific actions.

  • Takeaways
    • Targeted communications for website visitors

    • Increased monthly partner signup rate by 48% 

    • Raised $45,000+ during a one-month fundraising campaign

Personalization brings intentionality online.

Every visitor to your website is different. One might be there for the first time. Another is a regular. One wants to read your blog. Another wants to shop your online store. One is in Dallas. Another is in Detroit. How can you connect with each visitor effectively? That’s just what Bryan VanHaitsma, digital media director at Revive Our Hearts, had been wondering.
The Goal:
Help Revive Our hearts create targeted audience messages
ROH was using traditional methods to reach their digital audience. That meant the same message for all visitors, no ability to test, no segmentation — and a lot of guesswork.
The Strategy:
Use Journity to create carefully timed, targeted messages
Journity makes it easy to build campaigns by consolidating the tools digital marketing professionals need in one convenient dashboard including: individual profile data on site visitors, audience segmentation information, design capabilities to create branded messages, and tools to launch A/B tests.
The Result:
Over $45,000 raised in one month
By developing different messaging approaches, using softer “asks” for support and moving to specific requests, Revive Our Hearts was able to get the right CTAs in front of the right people to meet their campaign goal.