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Facebook Advertising for Nonprofits: How to Target Donors with the Facebook Pixel

Welcome to part 2 of our Facebook Advertising for Nonprofits mini-series; if you missed the first post, check it out here. We’ll be providing insights into targeting donors on Facebook along with real-life examples, so stay tuned for more on this topic over the next week!

You may have been thinking about using Facebook to boost awareness and recruit volunteers, or perhaps your goal is to increase online giving with Facebook’s donation feature. Either way, you need to know about (and utilize) the Facebook Pixel.

According to Facebook, the pixel can be described as, “a piece of code for your website that lets you measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns.” Sounds pretty great, right?

This nifty tool can track the journey website visitors take from your site, ad, and mobile app. By doing so, it allows you (the nonprofit marketer) to segment and target your audience later! If you have a website, then you have an audience to target on Facebook.

Setting up the pixel on your website is the first step to success.

It allows you to:
• Reach the right people who are engaged with your website and cause
• Drive product sales, event registrations, and donations
• Measure the results of your efforts

Add the Facebook Pixel to your site NOW. Facebook provides an easy guide for installing the pixel (linked for you above).

The Pixel allows you to do many things, but most importantly it will help you demystify your Facebook audience. For a detailed run-down, explore our guide, “Demystifying Facebook Audiences”. It’s FREE to download and full of amazing Facebook advertising pro tips for nonprofits.