Join our 5-day Facebook Audience Challenge

People keep saying you need to target your audience on Facebook. And it’s true, you do. But your to-do list is long...and Facebook Advertising is intimidating.

Reach your dream volunteers, supporters, and donors on Facebook.

In only five days flat, we’ll help you...

  • Install the Facebook pixel
  • Set up conversion tracking
  • Import your existing lists and build lookalike audiences
  • Reach new people interested in your mission and likeminded causes

We break it into bite-size chunks of information. Each day you have 1-2 tasks to complete so by the end of the week, you’ll be ready to launch a Facebook campaign targeting the right people most likely convert into your biggest fans!

Here’s How It Works:

Sign up. You’ll get an email each morning with specific tasks to help you get started!

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Build your audience. We’ll give you the steps to help you find your dream supporters online.