Using Pop-ups Can Increase Email Signups 175%

Many people are put off by the idea of using pop-ups, and for good reason, pop-ups have been abused across the Internet for years, leaving people with a bad experience and a negative view of them, as a result we get frequent questions like, "do pop-ups really work?" Or "Can't I get the same results using embedded forms?" We set out to find the answer to this question. Before we begin let’s start by saying we believe when pop-ups are done right, they can actually enhance the website experience. But to be done right your message needs to be personalized and offer value to the recipient. That is the base assumption we used in running this test.

Test Setup
One of the challenges in gathering the data is that embeds can have many different placements, some above the fold and others all the way down at the footer. The placement does drastically impact the performance of the embed. To account for this we looked at broad data across many accounts (1.7 Million+ views) to ensure the embedded forms represent the typical use. By looking at a wide range of embedded forms and pop-ups we also made sure that one really strong offer didn’t skew the results.

Test Results
The bottom line is Pop-ups drive better results... in multiples!

After reviewing data from over 1.7Million impressions we found that on average the Pop-ups significantly outperformed the embeds.

Pop-ups averaged 440% higher click through rates.
Pop-ups averaged 175% higher conversion rates.

If you are looking to grow your email list this year, you should start by looking at a pop-up strategy. Make sure you take a personalized approach that adds value to your website visitor’s experience rather than detracts from it.

Here are a few tips to make sure you’re providing value:

Segmentation is critical for a good experience. If someone signs up for your email list don’t ask them to sign up again.

Provide a resource or challenge to offer immediate value when they sign up.

Continue to nurture your subscribers. If they sign up, then only hear from you when you want money, they’ll either unsubscribe or stop opening your emails.

If you’re just getting started with pop-ups and personalization, sign up for a FREE account on Journity, our website personalization platform and see just how easy it is.